Just another blogger. There is a good reason, allow me to explain:

Well: my mother made the mistake (or maybe the best choice ever) to let me go to Indonesia for a couple of months (July-Mid October 2011) and after staying just under two months longer than I was supposed to, I came back. So still nothing out of the ordinary because when I was out there, I decided to scrap my unconditional offer for what I wanted to do (or thought I wanted to do) at Uni (photography) having discovered that God wanted me to do something else (teaching :O ) But the thing is that I hope to be back and forward to Indonesia (God willing) until I’m finished studying (theology at least) then go out there long term. And being a lazy teenager and having so much loving support (thank you with all my heart guys) it’s easier to keep a blog to tell people of the random little stories and send a newsletter every couple of months instead of sending a hundred and one emails (although I like doing that anyway) and not knowing who knows what and forgetting people and just generally confusing everyone.

So there you are. Although I do keep the blog while I’m in the UK too but life here’s so boring that there’s never really much to say so that’s less frequent. Although I’m hoping that when I go up North to study Theology in September that the blog will take a deeper, more devotional style turn. We’ll see what happens. But in the meantime I’m hoping to go back to Indonesia for a few months in the meantime. I might as well because no one will give me a job because of my age. You wouldn’t believe what sixteen year olds aren’t capable of but then I’ve never been much good at accepting that sort of reasoning. So at the moment just waiting to go to uni, trying to find a job and praying hard that I can see my children again in the meantime. On an empty bank account :/

But the Lord provides and He is good so if it is His will, it’ll happen 🙂


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